Our Hair is Beautiful

When I read Oprah’s hair stylist, Andre Walker’s, negative comment about black women’s natural hair, I said to myself, “Walker, you have done it now.” Don’t you know there are two things you don’t talk negatively about to our race and that’s our hair texture and the color of our skin.

In 2011, Walker told Elle Magazine, “Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type that I suggest altering with professional relaxing.” That statement is ridiculous, to say the least because natural hair has limitless styling options, whether it is wavy, curly or kinky, it can be worn in it’s original state, loc, slicked back, braided, corn rolled, twisted or straight (blow dried or by using another heating device).

Comments like these hit a nerve with black women because our hair issues began during slavery. And we are still battling the good hair/bad hair syndrome in our community, homes and how it is sometimes negatively portrayed in the media.

During slavery we didn’t have time to groom our hair like we did in our homeland. According to Wikipedia’s page regarding Afro-textured hair, “American slaves wore matted and tangled locks, instead of the well maintained, long, thick and healthy tresses worn by their brethren left in Africa. The female slaves wore scarves and handkerchiefs or plaited and braided their hair. And women with long and/or wavy hair were prone to becoming objects of jealousy by the master’s wife and were often forced to cut their hair, making them look less feminine” (www.wikipedia.com).

We went through centuries trying to fit in with the look of mainstream America by using heating devices and all types of chemicals to straighten our hair. But in the late 60’s, some embraced the afro and we had a generation who was now proud to wear their hair in its natural state. It’s been over 50 years since then but some are still hesitant about going natural because they don’t know how their new look is going to be perceived by society.

Oh yes, there are many reasons why we may be sensitive regarding our hair. And we don’t appreciate anyone who tries to put us down or take us back because we’ve made the choice to wear our hair natural.

Because in actuality, whether we choose to wear it natural, relaxed, weaved, corn rolled, twisted, loc, braided, etc. every style option is beautiful because we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).


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21 Responses to Our Hair is Beautiful

  1. Sonia M. says:

    One thing I think people seem to forget is how our hair looks is not as important as how healthy our hair is. Personally, I have been reconsidering continuing my periodic relaxers because I am seeing more breakage in certain parts of my hair because of the chemicals. While I like the relaxed look on me, I am not willing to achieve it at the continued loss of hair length. I look forward to a healthier head of hair over the next year.

  2. Celeste says:

    I love this, thanks for sharing. I wear my hair natural but its short and limits styling. I look forward to it growing out because like you said the options become limitless. Thanks for this, very encouraging. Also, I will be speaking in Miami, FL for an natural hair and healthy lifestyle expo given by A Million Queens, September 16-17. If you or other readers are intersted please google them and check out what they are offering.

  3. Roni Gladden says:

    I love this article and I love my natural hair. I really dont think that men know what they are seeing when they see women in video’s and magazine or music award show. These women are not real they wear weaves and lace front wigs and they are extra airbrushed. It is a shame that men think that women should have to maintain that type of standard when in fact that celebrity dont even live that life its ALL an illusion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when I look into my mirror I like me all of me. I use to buy into the stero type that you have to look a certain way keep your hair long and flowing to get the man you want and just to be acepted among your peers. Natural Hair is what it is there is no mask no fake front, the man know’s what he see is what he gets, and he dont have to worry about when you take your eye lashes and wigs off and lay them on the dresser he dont have to wonder who in the world are you,lol So love your self love your natural hair and embrace it to the fullest because your hair is beautiful.

    • Thanks but the article is about clarifying that natural hair has many style options, reminding us about our hair history/struggle and to proclaim that any look we choose is beautiful on us. Whether we choose to wear our hair natural, relaxed, weave, hair piece, etc. Because you know I will “rock” a hair piece down to my waist in a minute and I absolutely adore false eye lashes. I don’t wear these things because I want to be fake but because I can! It’s all about what works best for you and depending on what day of the week it is, you might see me natural or not. LOL I just tell people, focus on my face because if you look for a natural hair style on me, you may walk right past me (my closest friends have done this to me when I’ve either worn a hair piece or had my hair blow dried straight). LOL

  4. Vernell Taylor says:

    Amen you are telling nothing but the truth!

  5. Valerie says:

    Absolutely wonderful article! My hair is natural (a mixture of wavy/kinky) and I love it, love it, love it! It’s amazing the number of people (of all races) who comment on my hair. And yes, it has limitless style options. It keeps people wondering and amazed. And, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I wear it with confidence knowing whose I am. 🙂

    So my Sister, ROCK your hair! LOL

    Knowledge is power and the more we learn about ourselves, the more powerful we are. Therefore, tap into the power. (The Ultimate power source – that’s where my confidence lies.) 🙂

  6. Franziska Barnes says:

    That is the most ignorant comment I’ve read in a long time. Andre Walker should be speaking on what he knows nothing about. Kinky hair can be worn in limitless ways. Relaxed hair can only be worn two ways, straight or curly. He couldn’t and WOULDN’t be my hairstylist.

  7. VERONICA says:


  8. I agree. I just started transitioning and I am already getting negative comments from some of my family members. It makes me want to give up and continue with relaxers but I know this is the best thing for my hair.

    • Charlicia: When I stopped wearing my hair straight, my mother had a fit. LOL She still prefers it straight but I prefer it healthy. Stay strong and they will eventually get use to your new look.

  9. I love my hair! Natural it’s just like wool. When it’s relaxed people think I have a weave. When it’s pressed it looks like silk. When I wear a weave, people think I have no hair. When I wear it braided, people ask me where I am from in Africa. LOL, it’s all good. As long as it’s healthy.. it’s good hair. Even if it’s not there is a solution for that too. I thought his comments were typical but I truly understand. Sometimes just the trip to my Stylist and our fellowship is my saving grace. Maybe only a Black Woman can understand that but thank you for sharing. I don’t see him as and Expert but I can understand your prospective.

    • Ruth: Yes, it is all good. When I blow mines straight, they think I have a weave, too. I’ve actually had people come up and put their hair in the back of my hair (without my permission) to see if there were any tracks back there. LOL And yes, when a stylist gets what we are trying to do with our hair, they are our BFF. :>)

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