Love Expressed For All to See

It’s hard to reveal the real you to the public because it means that you may be opening yourself up to being judged for who you really are. But the late Reginald Sanders and his wife Minister Dawn Sanders didn’t mind revealing their love for one another.

Reginald Sanders passed away suddenly on June 9, 2011. And he will be missed by his family and friends.

I was shocked to hear the news of his death and decided to send Minister Dawn an e-mail expressing my condolences. But as I sat at my computer reflecting on the love that I saw between the two of them, I began to type the poem “Our Love Expressed Between You and Me” that I included in the condolence message that I e-mailed to her.

A few days later, Minister Dawn called and asked whether I would consent to have it printed in Brother Reginald’s homegoing program because she said the poem so vividly captured their relationship in ink. I was so honored and said yes.

Therefore, as I was updating “Reveal the Real You Poetry Collection,” that is available on, I thought it only befitting to include “Our Love Expressed Between You and Me” poem because the Sanders revealed their real selves to everyone by the way they lovingly looked at each other, how they loved to sit together in church and hold hands. And the fire I saw in their eyes as they smiled at each other.

Additional updates to the “Reveal the Real You Poetry Collection” include the following:

A link that you can click on and download of me reading “A Conversation With Survival” at the end of the poem. And a link that you can click on and download of me reading and singing a snippet at the end of the following poems:

Poem: “Grateful” – Song: “Be Grateful” by the late Bishop Walter Hawkins

Poem: “His Will” – Song: “I Surrender All“

Poem: “I Almost Lost Me” – Song: “I Almost Let Go” by Kurt Carr

Poem: “Let Me In.” – Song: “Let Him In”

Brother Reginald was one of the choir directors of the Combined Choir at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Glenarden, Md.And both he and his wife, Minister Dawn Sanders joined the Grace Magazine Ministry staff as Relationship Department writers.


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