The Sound Produces Victory in 2012

I was driving on I-95 South after making an Avon delivery, and Maurette Brown Clark’s song, “I Hear the Sound (of Victory)” was playing on Praise 104.1 fm, I have heard this song so many times before but this time, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that He is looking for a powerful sound in 2012 from His people.

I pondered over this for a day or two and then was directed to read the lyrics of the song and these words jumped out at me. “And the louder it gets, the louder I praise. The more intense, the more I praise. And the harder it gets, the harder I praise. I know my victory is on the way and it’s in my praise.”

God was telling me that 2012 can be our year of victory in so many areas of our lives, if we praise Him like we’ve never done before. Not by “our” sound but “the” sound. And “the” sound only comes through yielding ourselves to the Holy Spirit.

Time out for playing church but God wants us to be so in tune with Him that He can come in our midst as He did in Acts 2:2.

So let’s press forward in praise in 2012 and know that God can give us victory through the sound.

Meditation: “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.” Psalm 22:3

Click onto the Youtube video, to hear Maurette Brown Clark sing, “I Hear the Sound (of Victory).” And I hope it will inspire you to ask God to take your praise to another level.


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If you want to know more about Praise and Worship, you can download First Baptist Church of Glenarden’s “Praise and Worship 2012 Devotional: What You Need to Know As You Enter In”

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4 Responses to The Sound Produces Victory in 2012

  1. Vincent A. Williams says:

    I tell cheryl and the kids how bless we are to have u guys in our life. Thank u ever so much. The WILLIAMS xox

  2. lyfwithlisa says:

    LOVE this and is confirmation to me!! Wonderful article..


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