New Year! New Perspective! Moving Forward!

Me: Hello

Caller: Can you …?

Me: No, moving forward!

Sound familiar? Yes, it’s that thing, person, place or situation that can keep us from progressing. Because when we make an effort to move forward, the enemy isn’t going to sit there and cheer us on. Instead, he is going to try to use everything that he has to stop and possibly discourage us from taking another step.

So what we have to do is prepare ourselves mentally and press, in order to move forward. We can prepare our minds by saturating it with the Word of God and prayer. Only God can keep us on track, so that we will be able to make wise decisions. And that decision may mean that we have to learn to say no, I can’t or not anymore.

Philippians 3:14[1] states, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Think of being in a room, the door is ajar but there is something outside that keeps the door from fully opening and letting you out. You have to lean into the door, while sweating and grunting, hoping that whatever is keeping the door from fully opening will weaken under your press.

This is where praise comes in. Sometimes, we have to praise ourselves out of a situation that is holding us back and we need God to come and deliver us. Otherwise, we will be stuck there, too long.

“Moving Forward,” Philippians 3:12-16, is the 2012 theme of my church, First Baptist Church of Glenarden. And as Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr. said at our Watch Night Service, “He (God) cannot take you into your tomorrow, while you keep remembering your yesterday.”

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[1] The base Scripture for my online magazine, “Press On! Webzine,” And the articles in the magazine focus on getting people to push past obstacles, n order to get to their destiny.


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