Press On! Webzine – Winter 2013

mag122013coverOne day I found a man’s red cap with the inscription, “I’m Doin Me” on the hood of my car. I thought, is someone trying to tell me something or is this a message from God? Whatever the reason, I was reminded how sometimes we have to do what’s best for us. I am not advocating being selfish, but we have to establish boundaries and set goals to make time for the work needed to reach our destiny. Articles in this winter issue of Press On! Webzine offer encouragement as you work on the inner and outer you.

As I listened to Gospel Recording Artist Sheri Jones Moffett sing, “Not Too Late to Dream,” at First Baptist Church of Glenarden’s Honors & Awards Service, I was reminded of how we sometimes unin-tentionally put dreams on hold. In the article, “Music Has Meaning: Dream Again,” I share my teenage dreams and give steps on how to start dreaming again. In “My Testimony – The Crab Mentality is an Entrepreneur’s Nightmare,” I share how an ex-coworker’s response during a down time in my life almost threw me off course.

“Sold at Six Years Old” recounts Abolitionist Leader Frederick Douglass’ heart-wrenching story, and reminded me how blessed I am to be living in this era. And I’ve had so many women of all ages tell me about the struggles they have regarding wearing a wig to church that I wrote an article, “Real Talk: Wigs – To Wear or Not to Wear.” I share their struggles, my experiences, and ways to overcome fears. In the devotionals, “Taming the Tongue” and “I Gave Back the Oars,” I point out choices that can be life changing.

These are just a few articles in this issue. Go to to download Press On! Webzine – Winter 2013. Thank you for reading and sharing Press On! Webzine. Don’t forget to e-mail me your comments at because I love reading them. Take care.





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