The Day Your World Slowed Down

By Phenola Moore

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It may have started with a notion that your job would temporarily close, you were laid off, or your child’s school would close for an extended time. Your life tremendously slowed down, and you are trying to digest it all. Sometimes you feel like panicking. Instead, the key to staying healthy is contentment, reflect on what you are thankful for and to communicate your thoughts and feelings to others.

The culprit to how you are feeling is the effects of the Coronavirus quarantine. As you are confined, contentment is key to reign in your emotions. But that is sometimes easier said than done because of stress. According to Edelstein (2020), on average, 61% of U.S. Adults are Stressed About the Coronavirus. And this is understandable because one or more persons are living in a confined space 24 hours a day. You went from freedom to voluntary confinement. Although you are trying to keep your sanity, truthfully, you are on the brink of a nervous breakdown. But the key ingredient to overcoming the notion of driving yourself crazy is contentment.

Contentment is a word most of us placed on a back burner, thinking it was something that you would have to deal with later in life. Philippians 4:11 reveals, “Not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” It does not mean that everything is alright or going your way. It means that you believe that God is going to keep and deliver you out of this season. As my mother used to say, “it won’t always be like this” when either she, one of us, or our family was going through something difficult. And sometimes it seemed like it would never end or lighten up, but it did. Dwell on the positives in your life, and it will keep your thoughts in a safer place.

One way to stay content is by creating a thankful list. Morin (2019) wrote that good health, money, good friends, freedom of religion, your parents, having a partner, and pets are a few of the 60 things she listed. Please note that I am not saying to write a list to trivialize how helpless you may feel, but this is one way to channel your energy another way.

If you feel like you are emotionally going to a dark place, pray to God, talk to a trustworthy person, or seek professional counseling. God is available through prayer whenever you need him. I Peter 5:7 states, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” Although I believe in prayer, there are times when you may need to talk to someone face to face. You may need to vent or to get feedback from that trusted person to keep your emotions in the right place. Finally, embrace complacency, count your blessings, and talk out your feelings with either a trusted person or a professional.

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Phenola Moore writes blogs on, she is the author of a digital book of poems, "Reveal the Real You Poetry Collection" and you can access pass issues of her online magazine, "Press On! Webzine," She has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English with a minor in Journalism from the University of Maryland University College. Follow her on Twitter @pressonwebzine.
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