6 Advantages of Freelance Writing Jobs

by Phenola Moore

In the present economy, finding a writing job can be a difficult feat to accomplish. And add to it that during this Internet age, some traditional writing positions have been abolished. Therefore, writers must look at other ways to get work like freelance writing jobs from companies like Flexjob and Blogging Pro. This option can build your portfolio while earning extra money to spend as you wish or save, working your hours, and working from anywhere, which is an introvert dream job.


  1. Build Your Writing Portfolio

To get a writing job, most of the time, you must have writing experience in a specific niche. Freelance writing allows you to navigate through a range of writing assignments until discovering what you like the best. Or you can choose to work various projects all the time because you want the variety by challenging your writing style with every assignment. A writer can steadily add to their portfolio by looking for non-traditional ways to use their writing skills. And the jobs can be added to your resume.


  1. Earn Extra Money

Another benefit is that you can earn extra money. This type of job usually pays per word or article, and you can take on as much work as the amount of money you want to earn. Your business can either be your primary method of income or use it as “fun money” for an expensive purchase or vacation.


  1. Saves You Money

A freelance writer saves money on things that a full-time, out of the home working, an employee must spend like commuting costs, office clothing, and shoes, and food purchases at local cafes and restaurants. You will either save on monthly public transportation costs or the maintenance of your vehicle and gas. Since you can write in your pajamas, your office clothing and shoe purchases can be done away. Your morning coffee purchase at the local café can be replaced with what is available in your pantry.


  1. Work Your Own Hours

Whether you choose to write part-time or full time, you can choose what hours you want to work. And how long you want to devote each day from drafting your document to the finished product. You have 24 hours to decide what hours you want to devote to your writing, and you can set your deadline. The flexibility of freelance writing is endless.


  1. Flexible Workplace Environment

Writing from your remote place of your choice means your commute is as close as your home office.  A perk is that you can also take your work with you wherever you go. You do not have to stop working or deny a job because you are traveling out of the area. And you can work your schedule around your family and other obligations.


  1. Introverts Dream Job

If your personality is shy, quiet, and you work well by yourself, working remote may be a perfect fit. You receive your assignment with little to no interaction with others. And you do not have to worry about attending in-house meetings or social events.


Working freelance writing jobs offers several perks that can give you the freedom and flexibility you are looking for in today’s workforce. To either build your brand while providing income to either sustain your lifestyle or for splurges. All while strengthening your writing skills in the comforts of wherever your pad, pen, or computer resides to add to your resume.


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About pressonwebzine

Phenola Moore writes blogs on www.pressonwebzine.wordpress.com, she is the author of a digital book of poems, "Reveal the Real You Poetry Collection" and you can access pass issues of her online magazine, "Press On! Webzine," www.pressonwebzine.com. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English with a minor in Journalism from the University of Maryland University College. Follow her on Twitter @pressonwebzine.
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